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Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club

4 April 2010

Judges G. Hewitson -Dogs and C Gilbert -Bitches
BIS-Tasheen Jasmin, RBIS&BOS-Giogan Loch lee of Darrochonna, BPIS-Largymore Lady Brachla


1st Veteran Bitch

 Monchique Moondream at Arkenscales  Sh.C.M.

2nd Veteran Bitch

Sh Ch Monchique Chasing Dreams J.W., Sh C.M.

1st Minor Puppy

Leighsham Teasin Tina
(oops somebody moved!!)

Stormerick Feelin Groovey

Largymore Lady Brachla

2nd Puppy

Thorneywaite Billy Jean

Lanssonne Love Charm

2nd Junior

Largymore Lady Brachla

1st Yearling

Monchique Dream A While

2nd Yearling

Bencoe Angelina Lauro JW

1st Undergraduate

Watersdale Jemima

2nd Undergraduate

Lanssonne Love Charm

1st Graduate

Shinehill Water Music of Ipcress JW

2nd Graduate

Suntide  Bizzy Lizzy

1st Postgraduate

Thorneywaite New Song for Moloko

2nd Postgraduate

Lochtaymor She Can Can-Can

1st Mid Limit

Ritzilyn Rinky Dink JW

2nd Mid Limit

Stanroph Special Fantasy JW

1st Limit & CC

Tasheen Jasmine JW

2nd Limit & Res CC

 Largymore Joanna Larmenius

1st Open

Sh. Ch. Stanroph So Let It Be JW

2nd Open

Hollywillow Blown in De Gale to Purbarn

Bitch CC

Tasheen Jasmine JW

Dog CC

Giogan Loch lee of Darrochonna



Tasheen Jasmin JW,  Giogan Loch lee of Darrochonna, Largymore Lady Brachla, Sh. Ch. Monchique Cimarone Cove at Branjoy


Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Championship Show - 4 April 2010 - Bitches:

I would like to compliment the committee in general, and the very hard working ring stewards in particular, on a smooth running, well organised show with a truly friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It was refreshing to hear the awards being greeted with applause from the ringsides.

The quality in the Veteran, Open , Limit and Minor Limit classes was extremely high and I was spoiled for choice in making my awards. Sadly the same could not be said about the early classes when finding enough bitches to fill the cards who were not grossly over weight, met even a minimum standard of relatively sound movement and had an acceptable construction, was a real headache. This state of affairs does not bode well for the breed when its future is in the hands of these young bitches; having said that I was very pleased with my class winners, who could hold their own in competition anywhere.

Veteran 10 (3a)

1.  Shaw's Monchique Moondream at Arkenscales  Sh.C.M. Ten year old lady who retains her strong level topline, positive, accurate driving movement. Very pretty and appealing head and expression, balanced outline, neat feet  and in excellent coat. Just beating her half sister on the day with her superior pigmentation.

2. Broadhead's Sh Ch Monchique Chasing Dreams J.W., Sh C.M. Happy waggy tailed 8 year old with many of the same qualities as 1 and the same strong accurate movement ; the winter nose just detracting from an otherwise pretty head and expression.

3. Seamon's Messano Give Me Faith

Minor Puppy 13 (5a)

1.  Jackson-Haines' Leighsham Teasin Tina, Very sweet baby, pretty head and good pigmentation, accurate driving movement which was easily the best in this class. Short coupled good depth of chest for age and balanced outline.

2.  Merrick's Stormerick Feelin Groovey,  Pretty face and nicely constructed body on this baby, firm level topline but carrying too much weight which marred her otherwise  accurate movement by causing a ëbody rollî. A smaller bowl at meal times and she'll be lovely!!

3. Godefroy & Campion's Fenwood Glitterati

Puppy 19 (3a)

1.  Scott & Briggs' Largymore Lady Brachla. Mature 11 months rich gold puppy, good depth of chest,  nicely sprung ribs, short loin and strong level topline;  moved accurately and with drive from strong, short hocks. Definitely out of the top draw and will undoubtedly have a bright future,  Best Puppy in Show.

2. Zubair's Thorneywaite Billy Jean, eye catching blonde baby of just 9 months who has everything in the right place, a strong firm topline and moves very well. Very pretty head and good pigmentation close decision between her and 1 who just had the edge on maturity and coat, but she too will trouble the best.

3. Woodcock's Stanroph So Let Me See.

Junior 21 (4a)

1. Hailstone's Lanssonne Love Charm, and charming she is! Pretty blond in excellent coat who was a pleasure to go over;  Neatest of feet and a really pretty face with a kind expression and good pigmentation; Short deep body and good topline which she holds on the move.

2.  Scott & Briggs' Largymore Lady Brachla

3. Broadhead's  Monchique Dream A While


Yearling 17 (7a)

1. Broadhead's  Monchique Dream A While,  Well constructed blonde,  appealing head, good topline and depth of chest, a short coupled body and well angulated fore and aft. Accurate mover but with such a heavy coat she can't afford to carry any extra pounds.

2.  Drury's Bencoe Angelina Lauro JW. Liked her balance and outline in profile, pretty head but not as mature or accurate on the move as 1

3. Bell's Southerness Breeze

Maiden 18(3a)

1. Hailstone's Lanssonne Love Charm

2.  Scott & Briggs' Largymore Lady Brachla

3. Woodcock's Stanroph So Let Me See.

Novice 22(3a)

1. Hailstone's Lanssonne Love Charm

2. Woodcock's Stanroph So Let Me See; well made puppy with a pretty face and good pigmentation, neat feet and good spring of rib, steady mover.

3. 3. Bell's Southerness Breeze

Undergraduate 19 (5a)

1.   Warrington-Hope's Watersdale Jemima. Nicely balanced bitch with firm level topline, good lay of shoulder and well angulated quarters; she used her strong rear to produce accurate driving movement; Lovely head and with true golden expression.  Well handled and presented and carrying just the right amount of weight; only maturity separated her from the top winners at the end of the day.

2. Hailstone's Lanssonne Love Charm

3. Aulton's  Winnatts Rebecca

Graduate 8 (3a)

1.  Brown's Shinehill Water Music of Ipcress JW, Very balanced outline, pretty pale gold coat, attractive head, moved accurately and with drive from neat feet and strong hocks. Well presented happy show lady.

2. Swatton's  Suntide  Bizzy Lizzy Another pretty young lady with good topline ,well angulated shoulders and rear and good reach of neck; A little over excited on the move and consequently not as accurate as 1.

3. Duncan & Matkin's  Dunsarron Fifth Symphony.

Post Graduate 8 (1a)

1.  Neil's Thorneywaite New Song for Moloko. An honest, dark gold, ëold fashioned', bitch with a balanced outline, excellent reach of neck, good lay of shoulder and short loin. Strong driving movement and holding her topline on the move

2.  Ayer's Lochtaymor She Can Can-Can. Bigger framed cream lady who presented a very pleasing outline; liked her head, kind, alert expression and accurate movement.

3.  Jolly's C'est  Kerrien Du Bois De La Rayere

 Mid Limit 17(4a)

1. Hennessey's Ritzilyn Rinky Dink JW headed a really strong class of quality bitches. Well constructed lady with the sort of face you can't help smiling at; really strong driving movement from excellent quarters, holding her topline, wagging her tail and a really oozing personality.

2.  Haxton's  Stanroph Special Fantasy JW Attractive short coupled bitch, another strong accurate mover carrying herself well. Good spring of rib and depth of chest giving her an attractive balanced outline.

3. Grady's Glenrioch Goosebumps

Limit 14 (5a)

1. Beer's Tasheen Jasmine JW.   The star of the day, this young lady just oozes quality and her hard condition is reflected in level accurate driving movement and a firm well held topline. She is beautifully made throughout has a really pretty face with a true golden expression, strong pigment at one end and a happy waggy tail at the other.  Still showing her socks off at the end of the day she is quite literally everything a Golden Retriever should be and I'm sure it will not be long before she is wearing her crown. CC, her second, and Best in Show

2.  Scott & Briggs' Largymore Joanna Larmenius, a bigger framed bitch but just as well made as 1 and with the same overall quality. Another stylish and true mover, I really liked everything about her. This was the closest decision of the day made just a little easier by a ëwinter nose' which was a really minor point to split these two lovely ladies, Res CC.

3. Gregory's Bernewode Goodnight Girl JW

Open 15 (5a)

1.  Woodcock's Sh. Ch. Stanroph So Let It Be JW. Every inch a Champion this is a top quality bitch who really pushed hard for top honours at the end of the day. Short coupled deep through the heart, level topline and strong accurate movement on neat feet. Beautifully presented and handled, a real pleasure to go over.

2.  Frankland-Mace's Hollywillow Blown in De Gale to Purbarn   Short deep body, rich gold coat strong level topline, excellent turn of stifle giving her the drive and accuracy on the move I was looking for;  Another quality bitch who will always  be a top contender.

3. Brightley's Ch Drumkilty Janey Mac JW


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