William Turton

William Turton registered his first known mark in 1773 and then several others before he went into partnership with William Wallbancke in 1784. He was free in Dec 1764 and Grimwade believes he registered a mark, that is in the missing register, before the 1773 one. Some of his marks have a pellet and some do not.

Makers Mark   Very deep punch

 These tongs are rather heavy at 1 3/8 ounces, the depth of the punch for the makers mark indicates the thickness of the silver. The design of the arms is quite ornate and very similar in style to the top set of William Cripps / Chatterton tongs  here, though these tongs do not have the bright cut engraving on the arms that the others have. See also George Burrows I
The bow is engraved with a floral pattern and the florid initials TP (or perhaps JP), which appear to be contemporary to the decoration as they are blended into the design.
Weight: 1 3/8 oz      Length: 5 1/2 ins



Florid Initials to Bow                                              Deep set Sterling Mark