Thomas Taylor I
He registered his first mark in 1767 and was working up to 1775.

Makers Mark          registered 1771.
The TT is very deeply punched, no pellet. The punch is mis-shapen.


Very finely made cast tongs weighing 1 1/8 ounces, surprisingly heavy for such an open delicate trellis. There is a small, very expertly done, repair/reinforcement to the inside of one arm which is very old and may be contemporary with the tongs. The strap-work is the most delicate I have seen in cast tongs and speaks of a highly skilled workman. It is amazing that they have not required more major repair over their 240 year lifetime. The seams where the arms join the bow are almost invisible, the joint appears to have been semi dovetailed before it was fixed. The bowls are shell style and the casting is extremely well defined. There are no initials or monograms but the bow is engraved with a Tudor rose. The very deeply punched makers mark is TT in block capitals with no pellet. This mark was registered by Thomas Taylor I on 5 July 1771, he was a small-worker and buckle-maker at that time. Not one of the more prolific silversmiths.


Tudor rose on bow.