Stephen Adams I

Pair No 1

 Makers Mark -   - Badly Struck


Cast, Pierced tongs with Makers mark difficult to see but does match Stephen Adams I. Monogram to bow D over C * J.
One arm skilfully reinforced in the past, possibly at manufacture. Weight 1.5 ox length 5.75 ins. Lion rampant an one arm: Makers mark on the other.
Dates 1760 - 1770,
Weight: 1 1/2 oz, Length: 5 3/4 ins



Pair No 2

Makers Mark                                                    




Plain bow with milled edge and initials W. E in plain script. Rounded shell bowls on very slim lower arms which have a very old - possibly original date - repair. Very open casting on upper arms. No other repairs or damage.

Monogrammed Bow