Joseph Rodgers

Edwardian Maker based in Sheffield; a firm of cutlers and silversmiths founded in 1682. became Joseph Rodgers & Sons Ltd in 1871. The factory was in Sheffield but with a showroom in London. New  works opened in 1899 in Sheffield.

Makers mark set into an arm

These tongs date from 1909 and are cast in a single piece  unlike the Georgian originals. The makers mark and hallmark are incorporated into the design of the arms. They are in perfect condition, no blemishes or repairs and no monogram on the plain bow. They weigh 1 3/8 ounces.


Makers Mark and Hallmark

Hallmarked  for Sheffield 1906 and again with makers and hall marks incorporated into the design of the arms.  These tongs are a miniature version of those above at only 3 1/2 inches long and weighing 5/8 ounce. As above they have been cast in a single piece and then bowed. They have no repairs or damage and the bows are plain and un-engraved.