Irish Tongs

Unknown Maker (William Williamson ?)

Very Faint Hibernia          Clearer Crowned Harp

These tongs are beautiful and heavy at 1 7/8 ounces. They have a reinforcement to the centre of both arms, in exactly the same place, that is amalgamated so well with the tongs that it may be the arms were cast in 3 separate pieces and then joined before attaching to the bow. The Hibernia mark is very faint, but discernable and is in an oval punch. She and the harp match the style for 1768 as illustrated in Jackson and that would also be in keeping with the style of the tongs.  There is a very faint mark, which could be that of William Williamson but is too faint to be sure, and doesn't photograph, which is also consistent with the date.

The Bow has an elaborate Monogram, IR and there is a crest to one side which is a Griffon's Head Erased facing left and Ermine on a bar.


Monogram IR
                                                                              Crest -Griffon's Head Erased