John Gurney

Makers Mark                                      

These tongs have Provincial characteristics. They have concave bows, they are a full 5 3/4 ins long and at 1 3/4 oz very heavy. The overall pattern gives the impression of being "provincial" , i.e. heavier and courser than London work. John Gurney does not appear to have registered many marks, and is not well known so possibly not as sophisticated a worker as some, or possibly this was a fashion as there is an almost identical pair by Thomas Wallis I (here).  The bowls are of unusual design, being only patterned part way down giving them the appearance of being shorter than they are. There is no visible sterling mark or town mark on these tongs ; probably it has been covered by a repair across the join of the arms to the bow on one side. There is also a repair to the lower arm on one side. There is a monogram on the Bow that is partly erased, but is just discernable as M over A + S.   The tongs date between 1765 and 1770. Weight: 1 3/4 oz, Length: 5 3/4 ins



Partly erased Monogram                                    Unusual Bowls