James Gilsand

Edinburgh Maker who first registered a mark in 1748 and is known to have been still active in 1773. The I and the G are of different sizes in his 1771 punch as in the one below.

Makers Mark   

These tongs are very typically Scottish in style. They have concave arms and bow, shell  bowls with the makers and hall marks on the lower arms; they also have a generally "chunky" appearance. They weigh 1 1/8 ounces and are 5 1/2 inches long and the bow has a monogram of J over W E in the cartouche. Interestingly the Thistle has been stamped twice, once as the Edinburgh Town Mark and once as the sterling assay mark making them post 1760. There is no duty mark or date letter making them pre 1784. This fits well with the1771/2 date of the punch. They are in good condition with no damage or repairs.




Monogrammed Bow                Shell Bowls

Double Thistle Stamp on lower arm