Unknown Maker

? IA ?

Hallmark London?

These cast tongs are interesting because they carry a betrothal monogram on the inside of one of the arms M over W.D. The bow has no cartouche and there is a flower where this is normally located. They have a repair to the bow on one side where it joins the arm, and the plate may be covering the maker,s mark. There is a very small punch on the other arm which just may be a maker,s mark which I think possibly reads IA but I am very unsure and its very small and poorly stamped; it may be a journeyman,s mark. As the only hallmark is the lion they are impossible to date accurately but must be pre 1784 as there is no duty mark, the style suggest 1765-1770, and they are probably London made. They weigh 1 3/8 ounces.


Flower on Bow                                          Monogram on inside of arm