George Wintle

There are two pairs of tongs on this page of similar bright cut style. The second pair have the mark he registered as a plate worker in 1787 and 1789, and the first pair the later small worker mark.


Makers mark   


Bright cut, tapered arms, patterned bowls, which are pointed in shape. Monogram with an  A on the bow, which appears to be later and poorer quality engraving.
Slight kink in bow and arms not level.
weight 7/8oz, length 5.5 ins. Hallmarked inside the bow. Date 1794


              Hallmarked in bow---London 1794                                                          Pointed and patterned bowls



                 Makers Mark                          Rubbed but just discernable


This mark dates the tongs to 1787-1790. which concurs with the George III duty mark, but no date letter or town stamp. They have a vacant cartouche on the bow and typical pointed and patterned bowls. The stamps are inside the upper arms and the hallmark is very clear but the makers mark is poorly struck, but just discernable as one of the plate worker marks from 1787 or 1789.  They weigh 7/8 ounce and are 5 1/2 inches long.



Assay and makers marks