Bejamin Mordecai
(Benjamin Mountigue)

A London Silversmith who registered his first mark in 1770 as Mordecai a mark as Mountigue alias Mordecai  in 1771, as a buckle maker, and then several more marks  under the name of Mountigue up to 1793.


Makers Mark                First Mark Recorded

These tongs are a very delicate casting and have had a reinforcing repair to one arm. They weigh just one ounce. The bow has a monogram JM in a style in keeping with the casting so may be original. They date to approx 1770 as they carry the Mordecai mark.



Monogrammed Bow


Makers mark with pellet

These tongs are bright cut and very delicate and light at just 3/4 ounce. The silver is very thin and the arms have been made concave, presumably for strength. The mark is rather later than 1 above but must be pre 1784 as there is no duty mark, The bowls are typical of his pre 1785 work being round.


Monogrammed Bow                   Hallmark