Adey Bellamy Savory ,
Joseph Savory II & Albert Savory

A family of silversmiths, Adey was the second generation, father was Joseph I, and here is in partnership with two of his three sons. The partnership registered its first mark in 1833 as spoon makers and plate workers. All of them also registered separate marks.

Makers Mark                          Bottom of punch not well struck


These tongs are fairly substantial, they are 5 3/4 inches long and weigh 1 3/4 ounces. They are completely plain except for a monogram to the bow of GML which is beautifully engraved. The makers mark is not well struck, the bottom is very faint but just readable and there is also a journeyman's mark  that looks like a small c (could this be the third son Thomas Cox Savory?) There is a full hallmark, very clearly struck, for London 1834. The tongs are in excellent condition with no damage or repairs.



Monogrammed Bow                             Hallmark - London 1834