SAMOS 2001

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Samos from the Sea.
Samos from the Sea
Samos Hotel from the Sea.jpg (142346 bytes)
Samos Hotel
Samos  from Vathi.jpg (122569 bytes)
Samos from Vathi
Vathi.jpg (121752 bytes)

Kusadasi - Turkey

Kusadasi Karavanseri
Ric in the Karavanseri.jpg (111520 bytes)
Ric in the Karavanseri
Liner in Kusadasi Harbour.jpg (78455 bytes)
Liner - Kusadasi Harbour
Approaching Patmos Harbour.jpg (77186 bytes)
Approaching Patmos Harbour
Hora and the Monastry.jpg (82734 bytes)
Hora and the Monastery - Patmos
Patmos Harbour.jpg (82845 bytes)
Patmos Harbour
Monastry of St John Patmos.jpg (105173 bytes)
Monastery of St John
Monastry of the Cave on Patmos.jpg (99662 bytes)
Monastery of the Cave Patmos
Patmos Harbour from the Monastry.jpg (98845 bytes)
Patmos Harbour from the Monastery
Churh in the Monastry of St John.jpg (71272 bytes) Church - Monastery of St John Inside the Monastry of st John.jpg (103991 bytes) Inside The Monastery of St John Patmos
Monastry Bells Patmos.jpg (35445 bytes)
Monastery Bells Patmos
Patmos Windmills.jpg (52007 bytes)
Windmills on Patmos
Disappearing church Kampos.jpg (106363 bytes)
Disappearing Church Kampos
Kampos Church.jpg (107291 bytes)
Kampos Church
Ireon.jpg (103296 bytes)
Loukas Taverna Manolates.jpg (113388 bytes) Loukas Taverna Manolates Manolates in the mountains.jpg (94239 bytes)
Manolates in the Mountains
Manolates.jpg (83524 bytes)
Agios Isidoros.jpg (111491 bytes)
Agios Isadoros
Boat Building.jpg (106346 bytes)
Boat Building
Village of the Boat Builders.jpg (129049 bytes)
Village of the Boat Builders
Boat skeleton.jpg (98611 bytes)
Boat Skeleton
Looking Down to Agios Isadoros.jpg (127270 bytes)
Looking down to Agios Isadoros
Akria Tsopela.jpg (149304 bytes) 
Akria Tsopela
End of Nowhere.jpg (158348 bytes)
Taverna at the End of the Trail
End of the trail.jpg (156365 bytes)
End of the Trail
The road to Drakaioi.jpg (114504 bytes)
The Road to Drakoi
Entering Eupalinos Tunnel.jpg (142271 bytes)
Eupalinos Tunnel Entrance
The Tunnel.jpg (104977 bytes)
In the Tunnel
Tunnel Exit.jpg (99484 bytes)
Exit from the Tunnel
Pythagorieon from the Tunnel.jpg (107135 bytes) Pythagorieon from the Tunnel Pythagoreion.jpg (129521 bytes) Pythagorieon Poseidonion.jpg (127358 bytes) Poseidonion Platanos.jpg (149564 bytes)
Platanos Square.jpg (146153 bytes)
 Platanos Square
Colchicum Varigatum.jpg (155648 bytes)
 Colchicum Varigatum
Colchicums.jpg (161513 bytes)
Boats Large and Small.jpg (90262 bytes)
Boats large and Small
Boat of Samos Beach.jpg (81098 bytes)
Boat off Samos Beach
Statue in the Samos Museum.jpg (74418 bytes)
 Statue of a Boy Samos Museum
Tsamadou Bay Samos.jpg (160602 bytes)
 Tsamadou Bay
Moni Zoodochou Pigi.jpg (120347 bytes)
Moni Zoodochou Pigi
Ormos Marathokampos.jpg (105779 bytes) Ormos Martharokampos Klima Beach.jpg (128104 bytes)
The Beach at Klima Bay
Klima Bay taverna.jpg (98474 bytes)
The Taverna - Klima Bay
Turkey from Klima Bay.jpg (76189 bytes)
Turkey from Klima Bay
Hora on Samos.jpg (102310 bytes)
Hora on Samos
View from Stavrinides.jpg (115789 bytes) 
View from Stavrinides