Sprite Winning BIS with our daughter Rebecca 
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Sh.Ch. Okus Watersprite JW 1987-1999

Show Champion Okus Watersprite JW, Sprite to her friends, was one of 12 puppies born on 6 Feb 1987.
She was an obvious ‘pick of litter’ puppy from the start, and destined to stay on with me but my son in law, Andrew, fell for her in a big way, so initially she joined him and my daughter Rebecca and one of her brothers stayed with me. Andrew called her ‘Fifi” - yes a rather ridiculous name for a golden - and for her first year in the ring Becky handled her.
She was a personality plus dog from the start, hated being alone when people went out and also an inveterate chewer. She ate her bed, her bedding, the walls, the concrete doorstep and eventually chewed her way out making a hole in the solid oak backdoor to their Victorian farmhouse! At this point Andrew decided he just couldn’t keep her and she came back to me.

I couldn’t live with a golden called ‘Fifi’ so she became ‘Sprite’ and strangely, while she lived with me she never chewed anything at all, but of course she always had the company of other dogs when I wasn’t there. However I never managed to gun train her properly - she would retrieve dummies happily all day, but if it had fur or feathers it was swallowed down fast before she returned to me!

She was a natural show lady and, love her or hate her, no-one could fail to notice her. I recall on one occasion coming out of the ring with muddy paw prints on my shoulder from her back feet, when she had been playing leap frog over the top of me as I bent down!  We lost her, in September 1999, to the dreaded disease, cancer, leaving a huge hole in our household. She was an impossible act to follow and after we lost her we stopped keeping girls.

Pedigree of Show Champion Okus Watersprite
Hips: 6:6
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                                    Age 11 And Relaxing In Her Favourite Chair 

        Sprite age 12 after a wet and muddy walk!