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Champion Okus Buccaneer (Junior Warrant)

Ch Okus Buccaneer Muster at 5 Mr Muster was the sole surviving dog puppy in our second litter. He was rather larger than his sister and so earned the name 'Buster' in the nest. Our son Mike's braces made it very difficult for him to pronounce either Bs or Rs, so he became Muster and later as his career progressed, Mr. Muster.
Muster had a spectacular start to his show career, winning Best Puppy in Show on his first outing at 6 months and one day. At 7 months disaster struck, in the shape of the "new" disease 'Parvovirus' for which at that time there was no vaccine. His guts strangulated, initial surgery was not succesful. It took two further major operations and the removal of four and a half feet of intenstine to sort them out leaving him incredibly weak and not expected to survive. A phone call from the vet saying 'He's wagging his tail' didn't convince me he was on the mend it wasn't until the phone call said "He seems to be turning into a helicopter!" that I knew he would make it. He had a characteristic way of wagging his tail, it appeared to go round in circles, rotating from the root like a helicopter blade!
He made a swift recovery from that point on and at 11 1/2 months was winning Best Puppy in Show at the GRC of Wales Championship Show. He completed his Junior Warrant, took his first Res.CC at 18 months, his working certificate at 19 months and his third CC at two years and two months, making him one of the youngest ever full champions in the breed. Then in 1984 he achieved my wildest ambition when he won Best in Show at the UK Golden Retriever Club in a record entry of over 900.
He passed on his super angulation, and his tailwag, to many of his progeny and gave me several glorious years both in the show ring and at home. However that early illness hadn't left him unscathed, his heart had stopped and been restarted twice during that third operation. The vet had warned me that his heart had suffered damage in the process and not to expect him to make old bones and sadly he didn't. We lost him when he was only 7.
Muster at 5 Buccaneer at 5 years
Muster at 11months
Muster in the garden at 11 months

Mr Muster's Pedigree

Date of Birth: 22 April 1980:
Clear Eye Certificates:
Junior Warrant
Show Gundog Working Certificate
Best in Show: UK G.R.C. Ruby Anniversary and Golden Retriever Club of Wales Championship Shows

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