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Okus Huckleberry Finn (Junior Warrant)

Okus Huckleberry Finn JWOkus Huckleberry Finn JW Finn, or as he was known in later life Uncle Finn, was the sole surviving dog puppy from the last litter of Sh Ch Okus Watersprite. He was every inch his mother's son with her happy gentle personality and excellent overall construction. He won well as a puppy finishing his Junior Warrant from puppy classes also winning a Championship Show Puppy Group.
Although he carried a lovely puppy coat, he dropped it at 13 months and was very slow growing a new one! He was 5 before he really coated up properly and started to win again and at 6 he was in his prime. He won a stud book number and was in serious contention for top honours from Limit classes on several occasions that year. Then he had an accident when out running across open fields, he put a foot in a rabbit hole and damaged his leg. Nothing broken but torn ligaments was the verdict. By the time this had healed and he was fit and sound again he was over 7 and in veteran. His veteran career was on a par with his puppy career with several Best Veteran in Show awards.
He was always a joy to watch on the move with a daisy cutting front action and super drive behind he made it look effortless whatever the terrain he was covering.
He was never used at stud as both he and his sister developed HC despite both their parents having clear certificates into old age.
He is pictured here on the right at 13 years old still retaining his excellent outline even if carrying a few extra pounds under that now heavy coat.
Okus Huckleberry Finn JW
Finn age 5 winning at Northern GRA
Okus Huckleberry Finn JW
Finn age 6 in October 1996 and in his prime

Finn's Pedigree

Date of Birth: 8 Oct 1993:
Hip Score: 5/5
Junior Warrant; KCSB No.
Championship Show Puppy Group Winner: Open Show Best in Show Winner

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