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Ellendune Gay Jessie of Okus

Our foundation bitch

Laiki, pictured above at 7 months, was was named after the Russian space dog as the children hoped one day she would be equally famous.
Although she joined us initially purely as a pet, she was shown as a youngster, and taught us a lot about showing and handling, she could never see the point in doing a triangle. Her attitude was 'well if you want to go there and back thats fine, I'll sit here and wait for you!' We described her as the best 3rd rate bitch in the country as no matter how many in the class, 3 or 33, she was almost always 3rd!
Bred by Mrs Ethel Shepherd, ( Ellendune ) she was the first golden to carry the Okus affix and the first of our two faoundation bitches to join us.Her head was never her fortune, but her construction was lovely and she passed that on to her children. as a youngster she was a blonde, though not with a heavy coat, but she darkened with every molt and by 7 was a truely rich gold and with a dense coat too.
Her first litter gave us my beloved Okus Autumn Adventure who was a Junior Warrant and stud book number winner. Subsequently she produced the Champion bitch, Okus Jallina of Kerrien.
Laiki had BVA eye certificates all her life and was x-rayed and hip scored, at the age of 7, when the scheme was first introduced, her score then was 7:7 ( total 14 ).
She is pictured below left as a 2 year old, sadly the colour on this one has distincly faded, and aged five with Ch Okus Buccaneer. Below the pedigree she is pictured at one of our very first shows with a very young looking Rebecca.

Pedigree of Ellendune Gay Jessie of Okus
(Hips: 7:7)

Westley Joshua Ch Stolford Happy Lad Stolford Playboy Stolford Braeleithan Chieftan
Sh Ch Stolford Samala
Prystina of Wymondham Ringmaster of Yeo
Lady Jane of Is-Y-Coed
Westley Emma Ch Camrose Tallyrand of Anbria CH. Camrose Fantango
Ch Jane of Anbria
Ch Clarissa of Westley Ch Sansue Camrose Phoenix
Ch Pippa of Westley
Ellendune Gay Lady Ch Camrose Cabus Christopher Ch Camrose Tallyrand of Anbria Ch Camrose Fantango
Ch Jane of Anbria
Cabus Boltby Charmer Ch Cabus Cadet
Sh Boltby Sugarbush
Ellendune Elizabeth Drumson Of Ellendune

Drummon of Coolderry
Blossom of Ellendune
Juno Of Ellendune/ Littlecombe Hilarion of Ellendune
Crickham Honey