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Saffron Dawn of Okus

Our second foundation bitch

Dawn, pictured above at 5 years old, was our second foundation bitch.
She was shown as a youngster, and did well in puppy classes but she was very small, only 20ins at the shoulder, so right at the bottom of the standard. This coupled with a short tight coat and a young face made her look very much a baby in the higher classes.I recall being invited by the steward to come into the ring as "Minor Puppy has started already" when she was almost 3!
Bred by Mrs Ethel Shepherd, ( Ellendune ) she was litter sister to Saffron Star of Okus. Her construction was lovely and she passed that on to her children. She did develop a good coat as she got older and her children were all much more mature looking than she was herself. .
Her first litter although consisting of only 2 live puppies, gave us our first Champion, Okus Buccaneer, who was also a Junior Warrant winner.
Dawn had BVA eye certificates all her life and was x-rayed and hip scored, when the scheme was first introduced, her score then was 5:5 ( total 10 ).
She is pictured below left as a 2 year old, and aged five on the right just after a litter.

Pedigree of Saffron Dawn of Okus
(Hips: 5:5)

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