GRCA National 2005 - Gettysburg

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The photographs are not all as sharp as I would like. Using a hand held, 10x zoom, when the bleachers you are sitting on are shaking to the stomping and cheering of the crowd, isn't always conducive to sharp imagery!! There are 3 pages of pictures, this is page 1

For the non Americans:-
The conformation classes were judged over 5 days, Tuesday - Saturday inclusive.
There are 4 "sets" of conformation classes;
Sweepstakes for puppies up to 18 months and Veterans 8 and over where you can win real money!! Win or lose here you  still compete as a new unbeaten dog in later classes under a different judge;
Regular Classes, which exclude Veterans and Champions. This is the group of classes where the points towards a title are won by each best of sex;
Non-Regular Classes which include Veteran, Working and Field Trial classes:
The  Best of Breed Class, where all Champions compete. This class also includes the non regular class winners and the two best of sex from the regular classes. 

Puppy Sweepstakes
Some of the pups that caught my eye out of the 129 boys and 183 girls

Best in Speciality Sweeps

Toasty's Treasure Island

6-9 month Puppy dog

6-9 month puppy dog

6-9 puppy dog

Gemini's X-Static

6-9 month bitches

Gemini's Exeption to the Rule

Sandspur The Living Daylights

6-9 month puppy bitch

6 - 9 month old puppy bitches

Placed bitches 2-3-4 from the right

9- 12 month bitches

Karagolds Dash'n Thru The Snow

15 - 18 month bitches

Toasty's Treasure Island

Veteran Sweepstakes

A few of the 31 Old Gentlemen and 44 Old Ladies

Best Veteran in Speciality Sweepstakes

Ch Toasty's Sting Like a Bee

Best Opposite Veteran in Speciality Sweeps

Profile's Winter Solstice

1st Place Over 12 Veteran Dog

Ch Carausel's One Armed Bandit

1st Veteran Dogs 10-12

Ch Forever Our Dancing Daredevil

2nd Veteran Dog 10-12

Ch Highmarks Cowboy Coffee

1st Veteran Dogs 8-10

Ch Toasty's Sting Like a Bee

2nd 8-10 Veteran Dogs

Ch Eldorado's Don't Cha Just Luv Me

1st 8-10 Veteran Bitches

Profile's Winter Solstice

Regular Classes                   Veterans             Best of Breed