The first, bought, lampshade. It was bought with the lamp in an antique store sale.
 This is the one that started the hobby because I needed something similar to complete the room decor! 



The first of my own handmade shades, made to finish the room.


Frame from Arrowire, fabrics from EBay, lamp from a thrift store. Taupe silk lining with cream moiré outer cover and an overlay on the large panels of cream handmade Belgian lace. The gimp trim is beige and the fringe is cream.



My second shade, made to compliment the first.


Frame from a junk shop, Fabrics from EBay, and another thrift store lamp.  The lining is cream silk and the cover light gold antique silk, cream gimp trimming and cream fringe with added gold tassels.



Shade number 3, by now the bug had bitten!!.

The frame was rescued and renovated from a standard lamp, bought in an antique store, fabrics from EBay, fringe from Hobby Lobby.  The lamp it is now on was a junk store bargain buy. The lining and cover are lemon moiré on the 4 large panels, the 4 small panels are lined in the same moiré but covered in the cream hand made lace left from lamp 1. The gimp trim is also lemon yellow and the beaded fringe is a 2" double row also in  lemon.



Shade number 4, this one is my favorite, which is why its in my office!


Frame from Arrowire, fabrics via Ebay, fringe from Jo-Ann, lamp bought in a Flea-Market. The frame is lined in cream moiré, the cover is cranberry burn-out silk velvet bought from Hong Kong. the gimp is also cranberry red and the fringe is 4 " black rayon.



Shade number 5 is the pink boudoir special!


Frame from Arrowire, fabrics via Ebay, fringe and gimp also from EBay,. The lamp is ceramic and second hand from a charity shop. The frame is lined in cream moiré, the cover is peach shot silk, the gimp and fringe are also peach.



Shade number 6 and I finally managed an almost exact copy of the original bought shade!! Frame from a car boot sale covered in plastic - ugh - it took hours to strip and remove the glue!! All fabrics from EBay. Unlined cream lace panels cream gimp and fringe.