Crufts 2004 PBGV First Prize Winners

Judge Richard Gilbert

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Principal Winners with the Judge

BOS - Tangaer Jou Jou , BOB - Ch Willowbrae As You Like It JW & Best Puppy - Switherland the Beguiled at Brundledean

Dog Ticket Winners

Res CC - Ch Chantalle Sablier and Dog CC - Ch Willowbrae As You Like It JW

Veteran Dog

Helensfield Orateur de Debucher

Puppy Dog

Wakelyns Memento

Junior Dog

Junior Dog - Soletrader Dunc N Disorderly

Junior Dog - Soletrader Dunc N Di

Soletrader Dunc N Disorderly


Post Graduate Dog

Monkhams Brimstone

Limit Dog

Tangaer Jamais Le D'Manche

Open Dog & Dog CC

Ch Willowbrae As You Like It JW

Bitch ticket Winners

Bitch CC - Tangaer Jou Jou & Res CC - Too Hot to Handle with Soletrader

Veteran Bitch

Ch. Dehra Yasmine with Sweatdean

Puppy Bitch

Switherland the Beguiled at Brundledean

Junior Bitch

Afterglow La Vie en Rose at Ekoz

Postgraduate Bitch

Too Hot to Handle with Soletrader

Limit Bitch

Afterglow Mimi Le Bonc at Griffdel TAF

Open Bitch & Bitch CC

Tangaer Jou Jou

Good Citizen Bitch


Chantalles Tango

Best of Breed

Ch Willowbrae As You Like It JW

Principal Winners

BOS - Tangaer Jou Jou , BOB - Ch Willowbrae As You Like It JW & Best Puppy - Switherland the Beguiled at Brundledean





   Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Before starting my critique I would like to pay a sincere tribute to my excellent stewards whose unobtrusive efficiency enabled me to concentrate on the judging. Since I first awarded CCs in 1988 the overall quality of the exhibits has increased dramatically and on this occasion there was both quality and good breed type in depth in most classes. DCC, BOB and short-listed in Group was Ch Willowbrae As You Like It, BCC was Tangaer Jou Jou and BP Switherland The Beguiled at Brundledean. Those with ccess to the web can find photos of the class winners at

VD(  3)  A lovely class. Three delightful dogs 1. Bamforth’s Helensfield Orateur de Debucher. Beautiful dog, good front, very active and attentive to handler. Best mover in class. 2. Lewis’ Ch Tangaer Crème Caramel. Another lovely dog with perhaps the better topline but lost out slightly on movement. 3.Jackson, Knudsen and Mark’s Morebess Elan De Baune (IMP). Front and movement not as good as 1 and 2, but another lovely hound.

SPD (3, abs 1) A rather disappointing class as both exhibits were suffering from a bad attack of adolescence! 1.Mackenzie’s Wakelyns Memento. Very raw but moved accurately. Should mature well. Excellent coat for Orange and White. Will be interested to see how he gets on. 2.Trueman’s Switherland The Aristocrat. Larger rather raw dog. Nothing wrong but needs to mature.

SJD (7). A really nice class, with lots of promise for the future. 1. Robertson. Pettit and Coczza’s Soletrader Dunc N Disorderly. Beautifully balanced hound with good coat and nice front. Narrow winner on movement. One to watch. 2. Symonds’ Tanapei Kipling. Very close up to 1. with excellent coat, but not quite so mature. 3. Wierny’s Tangaer Lumiere. Another very promising hound. Good topline but ovement not quite so accurate.

PGD (15,abs 2). A large but frankly rather disappointing class. 1. Sadler and Skerritt’s Monkham Brimstone. Rather high on leg but with notably good coat. Won this on movement. 2. Blake’s Tortworth Trezegvet. Well-balanced dog with much to like, but movement was a little odd. 3. Fairchild’s Tangaer Keepsake. Another well-balanced dog with acceptable movement.

LD (8,abs 1) 1.Hutchings’ Tangaer Jamais Le Dimanche. Clear winner of the class. Very well balanced. I was taken by his excellent front and coat quality. Best mover in class. 2. Hunt’s Monkhams Admiral of Huntersbrook. Another nice dog but could not compete on movement. 3. Hunt’s Plushcourt Corbiere of Bondlea. Again another well-balanced dog with good quality coat, but lost out on movement.

OD (10,abs 1)  1. Freer and Rogers’ Ch. Willowbrae As You Like It JW. I gave this superb hound his first CC in 2001 and well remember the effect he had on me the moment he entered the ring. My opinion has in no way changed. This is a superbly made hound beautifully presented and handled, who moves like a dream and behaves as if he owns the ring. DCC, BOB and group shortlist. 2. Collier and Phillips’ Ch Chantalle Sablier. Another superb hound with great outline, coat and movement. In any other company would have been a clear and worthy winner. RDCC. 3. Probert’s Helensfield Rustler of Kasani.  Nice dog with all the required attributes, though perhaps a trifle heavy in head, but not quite coming together today.

Good Cit D. No entries.

VB(4). Aldous’ Ch. Dehra Yasmine With Sweetdean. Beautifully balanced bitch with good coat, lovely head and expression and great movement. 2. Link’s Much Ado About Jamarr. Another lovely lady. Shorter in neck and not such a good mover as 1.  3. Morris’ Dehra Innocent of Meadowchurch. Larger bitch (in my opinion too large) but boasting a superb coat.

SPB (7, abs 1). Nice class. 1. Dean and Brundle’s Switherland The Begu iled at Brundledean. Mature youngster with nice front and excellent coat. Best mover in class. Should hve a great future. BP. 2. Skerritts’ Monkhams Dixie Chick. Aother delightful young bitch with good front and excellent outline. 3.Robertson and Pettit’s Monkhams Dusty Singfield With Soletrader.  Very similar to 2. but movement was close.

SJB (6,abs 1). 1. Makins’ Afterglow La Vie En Rose at Ekoz. Very nice bitch who excelled in coat and movement. Should do well. 2. Elingford’s Afterglow Lucy In The Sky With Leircote. Another nice bitch. Very similar to 1. but lst out on both movement and coat. 3. Curry’s Switherland Mystique at Lodore. Clse up to 2. but movement nt so good.

PGB (13,abs3). Great class. 1. Sparks and Pettit’s Too Hot To Handle With Soletrader. Beautiful well-balanced bitch, immaculately presented and handled. Excellent movement both fore and aft. At this stage I thought her a likely candidate for the CC and was delighted to award her the RCC at the end. I shall watch her progress with interest. 2. Link’s Jamar Isobel. Another splendid bitch with a great future. Not quite so good on move but with outstanding coat. 3. Appleton’s Debucher Desiree. Striking black and white bitch who pushed 1. and 2. hard. Lovely coat.

LB (9, abs 1). An interesting class which took me back to the early days of the breed. The enormous size differentials made it look almost as if there were two breeds present. 1.Ellingfords’ Afterglow Mimi Le Bonc at Griffdel. Beautiful bitch with good conformation who moved well. 2.Skerritts’ Monkhams Café Au Lait. Very lively bitch with excellent coat. 3. Freer and Rogers’ Switherland Ysatis. Best mover in class but in my opinion a little large for a bitch.

OB (11). A lovely class. Very close between 1. and 2. but the winner just had that extra spark. 1. Lewis’ Tangaer Jou Jou. BCC. Beautifully made bitch with superb topline, head, coat and movement. In fact this bitch has everything. I was very surprised to be told later that this was only her second CC, though I believe she has a string of RCCs. Whatever has happened in the past, on this occasion she had that extra drive and presence which could not be denied. I am sure that it won’t be long before she takes her title. 2. Freer and Rogers Ch. Willowbrae Bless The Bride At Switherland. Undoubtedly another lovely bitch, but on this occasion did not quite have the pzazz of the winner. 3. Judge’s Plushcourt Sagesse. Slightly higher on leg but much to commend, notably excellent harsh coat.

Good Cit B (1).  Fourth in PG, but this class was perhaps the strongest in depth of the day. Nice conformation and good coat.

Richard Gilbert


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