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Croatia 2011

The Main Hotel Asterea from the balcony of our room

The view from the Balcony

First Beer

The hotel grounds were beautiful

One of the local inhabitants!Pseudopus apodus or The European Legless Lizard not really a snake but it does look like one!

 Look who was drinking that beer!

Mlini Harbour a few yards from the hotel for the boat to Dubrovnik

Mlini Bay

Roofs of Dubrovnik


Walls of Dubrovnik

Those Walls again and one of the corner towers.


Guard Tower outside the city

Dubrovnik City Outer  Entrance


Guard Tower in the city walls

Main Street inside the city

Side street, from the bottom


From the top!

The city from the top of the mountain after going up in the cable car


Flotilla heading for harbour in Dubrovnik, pictured from the top of the world!

Dubrovnik harbour from ground level

And After all that mountaineering who doesn't deserve a beer?

The Bridge at Mostar in Bosnia has been rebuilt since the war

Some of the houses haven't.

Still looking like a Swiss Cheese this one is the first building you see as you walk into Mostar

Traditional stone roofs on Mostar old town

The town square in Mostar

Mosques of Mostar and the very green waters of the river.

Arriving in Cavtat by boat

The water front walk in Cavtat

The harbour in Cavtat

Waiting for a beer in Cavtat harbour and admiring the passers by......

......The rich boys toys!



Into Montenegro and the islands in Kotor Bay



Entrance to Kotor

The Walls run right up to the top of the mountain behind the city

The small square with a very ancient church in the middle

The larger square near the entrance

Getting lost in the side streets of Kotor

Another side street

We were warned that Montenegrins are lazy - this one was asleep on the job!

And so were they!



Interior of the Orthodox Church in Kotor



Old town Budva, Montenegro is tiny


So is the beach


Then it rained and we discovered that Montenegrin Nik Beer was very good!

Crossing Kotor Bay by Ferry

Looking back up the bay towards the islands and Kotor

The sights you see from a boat trip!!!!!!