Bournemouth Championship Show 2005

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Judge: Richard Gilbert


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Reserve BOB and Best of Breed

Res BOB & Dog CC Tangaer Jamais Le Dimanche

BOB & Bitch CC Switherland Ysatis

also Hound Group 2

Dog CC and Reserve CC

CC Tangaer Jamais Le Dimanche

Res CC Soletrader Donald Duck

also Best Puppy, Hound Puppy Group 3

Bitch CC and Res CC

CC Switherland Ysatis

Res CC Too Hot Too Handle with Soletrader

Puppy Dog

1st - Best Puppy, Res CC, Puppy Group 3 Soletrader Donald Duck

2nd Afterglow Ebenezer

Junior Dog

1st Charbonnel Tom Cruise

2nd Monkhams Freddie Mercury

Post Graduate Dog

1st Tangaer Keepsake

2nd Monkhams Expresso Over Culdaws

Limit dog

1st Tangaer Kavanagh

2nd Tanafel Kipling

Open Dog

1st Tangaer Jamais Le Dimanche

2nd Ch Tortworth Trezeguet at Trezeguet

Puppy Bitch

1st Soletrader Topsey Turvey at Trezeguet

2nd Haliston Risette with Overbecks

Junior Bitch

1st Monkhams Fortune Cookie

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Rangali Cotes du Rhone

Limit Bitch

1st Switherland The Cheeky Girl

2nd Switherland the Beguiled at Brundledean JW

Open Bitch

1st Switherland Ysatis

2nd Too Hot Too Handle with Soletrader

Judges Critique

It was a great pleasure to judge at this friendly and hospitable show. I would like to thank my efficient stewards for their support. I thought the overall quality was very good. Movement was more difficult to assess than usual as the ground was badly rutted in places and the rather sparse grass up to six inches in places, but it was noteworthy that the best hounds took this in their stride. I found no bad mouths and coat quality was generally good: while it is true that preparation for the show ring does nothing for coat quality, it also seems to be true that the really soft coats that used to be seen have disappeared. I suppose the best proof that the breed is doing well is that our BOBs are now seriously considered for group placings and it is also reassuring that it is not just one, but several, hounds which have gained group placings over the last few years. DCC was Tangaer Jamais Le Dimanche;  BCC, BOB and Group 2 was Switherland Ysatis; and BP, RDCC and Puppy Group 3 was Soletrader Donald Duck.


PD (7). A nice class. 1. Robertson & Sparks’ Soletrader Donald Duck. Incredibly mature good-sized dog with good coat and excellent movement. I predict a great future for this hound (provided he doesn’t go on growing!). BP, RDCC and Puppy Group 3.                  2. Ellingford and Gadsby’s  Afterglow Ebenezer. Another very promising youngster I look forward to seeing in the future. Great coat, good outline, but lost out very slightly on movement.  3. Freer & Rodgers Switherland The Fall Guy.

JD (2).  1. Platt’s Charbonnel Tom Cruise.   Well built dog. Better eye colour than 2., excellent healthy coat. Moved well.  2. Skerritts’ Monkhams Freddie Mercury. Not quite so mature as 1. Light eye. Coat could be harsher.

PGD (2).    1. Fairchild’s Tangaer Keepsake. Nice front, good eye colour, moved well. 2. Culyer-Dawson’s Monkhams Espresso Over Culdaws. No serious faults but out of coat.

LD (6).  This was a very difficult class to judge. There was much to commend about each entry but none of the hounds had it all. 1. Fairchild’s Tangaer Kavanagh.  Well-built dog with excellent coat, good eye and expression, moved accurately. If only he would move with some enthusiasm, the highest honours could be his.  2. Cooper’s Tanafei Kipling. Another good quality hound with a nice front. Moved well considering the difficult conditions. 3. Mackenzies Wakelyns Legacy.

OD (3).  3 nice dogs.  1. Hutchings’ Tangaer Jamais Le Dimanche.  A really typical PBGV. Won the class on overall appearance, great outline and balance, good coat and great movement. Was one of those who did not find the going rough. DCC. Unfortunately in the challenge he had bitches in mind and did not do himself full justice. However I understand that this was the crucial 3rd CC, so I don’t expect his owner was too upset.  2. Blake’s Ch. Tortworth Trezeguet at Trezeguet.  Very smart hound which I have admired previously but, for some reason, not at ease today.  3. Robertsons’ Ch. Soletrader Dunc ‘N’ Disorderly.

PB (2).  Both very young. 1. Blakes’s Soletrader Topsy Turvey at Trezeguet.  Great coat, good overall balance. Should have a good future once she matures – at the moment a typical PBGV puppy!  2. Scott’s Haliston Risette With Overbacks. At present front and back are out of proportion. Needs to mature.

JB (3, abs 2). 1. Skerritts’ Monkham Fortune Cookie. Stood alone. Pale-coated bitch but with good pigmentation. Moved accurately. Needs time to mature.

PGB (2, abs 1).  1. Walders’ Rangali Cotes du Rhone. Good overall outline but, perhaps a little high on leg and coat a trifle soft.

LB (9, abs 4).  Excellent class. 1. Freer & Rodgers Switherland The Cheeky Girl. Beautifully balanced bitch. Moved with confidence despite the doubtful surface, though possibly a little close behind. Superbly handled and really looked the part.  2. Dean & Brundle’s Switherland  the Beguiled at Brundledean. Another lovely bitch who didn’t quite rise to the occasion on the day. 3. Phillips’ Chantalle at Haliston.

OB (4, abs 1).  A lovely class. 1. Freer & Rodgers’ Switherland Ysatis. A superb bitch who took my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Perfectly balanced with superb movement. I am embarrassed to see that at Crufts 2004 I thought her a little too large. I have no idea how I reached that conclusion. Be that as it may, on this occasion she dominated the bitch line up, the challenge and the big ring. As far as I could see, she didn’t put a foot wrong all day. BCC, BOB and Group 2.  2. Robertson & Sparks Too Hot Too Handle with Soletrader. Another absolutely lovely bitch, perfectly balanced, who lost out by only a hairs breadth against an opponent who was absolutely at her peak. RBCC. 3. Skerritts’  Monkhams’ Dixie Chick.


Richard Gilbert




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