Austria & Oberammagau 2000

In June 2000 we visited Austria. We stayed in the Tyrol where we visited many places . We spent a week staying in Fugen, and then travelled to Germany. After visiting the Imperial sites of Hohenshwandau and Neushwanstein, we spent 2 nights in Ettal.   The intervening day was spent attending the Passion Play in Oberammagau . The following thumbnails will lead you to pages with more on that subject.



The street in Rattenberg - Smalllest and oldest city in Austria Rattenberg Alpbach - the floweriest town in Austria

Swarovski Crystal - The Crystal World Mountain

Hall  - the main church
Hall - 1
The Jesuit Church in Hall with the convent to the right of the square

Hall - 2
The Ratthouse in Hall

Hall- 3
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Innsbruck -1
The Golden Roof - Innsbruck
Innsbruck -2
Mayerhofen from the start of the Ski Lift

The head of the Ziller valley from the Mayerhofen Ski Lift

Ziller Valley
Rack and Pinion Railway from Jenbach to the Achensee
Rack & Pinion
The boat sets sail round the Achensee

Hotel Crystal in Fugen
Hotel Crystal
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Schloss Tratenberg
Fugenberg at the top of the ski lift

Flower covered balconies and wall paintings

Scloss Hotel in the Fernpasse
The fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein


Horse Drawn Carriage coming back from Neuschwanstein

Horse & Carriage
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The Kloster at Ettal
Kloster - Ettal
The house of St Hubert Ettal

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A Ticket to
The Passion Play