USA Trip 2003

A 9 State Tour


The Holiday of a Lifetime


Hills around Sammamish WA


Mount Rainier 

Washington Waterfall

Clarks Nutcracker

Mount St Helens


The Cascades

Wild Trillium

Covered Bridge at Penga

The Unity Bridge

The Lowell Bridge

Oregon Scenery

Willamette River

Oregon City Weir

Into California



Meet the Redwoods



Crescent City Coast

Watching for Whales

A Bison

Stellars Jay

Wild Elk

The Big Tree

Distant Ospreys Nest

Historic homes in Medocino

A   flower?

Echium as a Perch


Another Iris

The beach at Goat Rock Bay

Home in on the seals

Birds in Variety

Pelicans at take-off

In Flight

At touch down

San Francisco

The Golden Gate

Well maybe Pink?

Alcatraz Island

Prison on Alcatraz

Street Car named Desire?

Clipper at Fisherman's Wharf

New Sacramento

Old Sacramento

Old town street

Rotating Bridge

Paddle Steamer


Carriage trip


Old Steam Engine

Railway Museum

The Donner Pass
Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay
Looking for Crayfish

The gateway to Nevada

Welcome Committee

Nevada Governors Mansion

Carson City Home

Mining Stope

Sierra Nevada

Virginia City

Silver Stope


Ghost Town at Bodie

Abandoned Gold Mine

Ghost Town

Saloon on Main

Liquor Store

Hotel at Bodie
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