3 Counties and Border Union 2006


Some ringside shots from 3 Counties Championship Shows 2006

The weather was dry but it was very cold!


Bitch Class Winners in the CC Challenge

Aren't we being good!!

Kennelridge Gambler and his sister Kennelridge Hallmarked learning that being benched isn't too bad!

Kennelridge Gambler

In the Minor Puppy dog class

Trebettyn Warrant Officer

In the Minor Puppy Dog class

Pearlbarn Peri

Winning the Minor Puppy Bitch Class

Ramchaine Green Glow by Fenwood

Best Puppy in both Breed & Group and Res Best Puppy in Show

Willowlawn Folies Bergere

Winner of the Junior and Yearling bitch classes

One of the Junior Bitches

Not sure who this is !!!

Linjor Bellissimo

Winner of Undergraduate bitch

Ebbledown Riversleigh JW

Winning Yearling Dog

Chinnordale Rockhopper JW

In the Yearling Dog Class

Cherrygold Holliewould JW

In Post Graduate Bitch

Shinehill Winter Solstice JW

Winner of Graduate Bitch and the Res CC

Thorneywaite Music of the Nite JW

Winner of the Post Graduate Bitch Class and the Bitch CC winner

Golmas Gretl JW

Winner of Limit Bitch

Ritzilyn Manhatten

Winner of Limit Dog and the Res CC

Sh Ch Gatchells Ruby Tuesday JW

Winner of Open Bitch

Ousevale Obsession with Chinnordale

2nd in Open Bitch

Sh Ch Remington Requisite of Ramchaine

3rd in Open Bitch

Chilzer Dinner Lady

4 in open bitch


Ringside Shots from Border Union Championship Show 2006

A nice warm day in the morning but it started to rain around Post Graduate and just kept on pouring down, hence no photos from the later classes!

Dog CC & Res CC

Ebbledown Riversleigh JW and Gunhills Gamemaster JW

Part of The Minor Puppy Dog Class

Kennelridge Gambler in Minor Puppy Dog

Chisleay Crusader for Rossgilde JW

Winner of Junior Dog

Colbar Spring Honours

2nd in Junior Dog

Voldene Tom Tom

in Junior Dog

Part of the Yearling Dog Class

The first 3 in Yearling Dog

Ebbldown Riversleigh JW

First Yearling Dog, Dog CC & BOB

Suntide Willow

2nd Yearling Dog

Chinnordale Rockhopper JW

3rd Yearling Dog

Erinderry Lochinvar at Glenavis

In the Yearling dog class

Larena Harlequin

In the Yearling Dog Class

Gunhills Gamemaster JW

First Graduate Dog and Res CC

Charamese Road Runner to Leighsham

3rd in Graduate Dog