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Ponte de Lima and the National Park

the Joust
The Joust that never happened!
Roman Bridge
Roman Bridge at Badajos
Red House
A rather Austrian looking house in Badajos
Native cattle
Cows wander loose in the National Park
Native cattle
Note the eyelashes!
National park
Remains of a collapsed dolmen in the National Park
Beer time
Lunch time in Ponte de Lima
The fort is now a museum
The bridge over the river which the Romans thought was the Styx and would make you forget everything if you crossed it
Roman general

The general who crossed and then called his men over by name - proving he hadn't forgotten
Roman Army

The doubting army waiting to be called across the Lima!
Ponte de Lima
The whole Roman built bridge which gives the town its name
the view
The army and with the general on the other bank and the setting
the town
Looking across the bridge to Ponte de Lima
the town
Ponte de Lima