NGRA Championship Show 2013, Dogs

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Northern Golden Retriever Association 2013

Judge Carol Gilbert
It was lovely to have a very efficient team of stewards and I would like to thank them both for their sterling efforts throughout the day. It was also great to hear applause for the class winners too, something which, historically, has not been a common Golden Retriever habit!
While I found some lovely dogs and was very pleased with my class winners I was also alarmed to find a fair number of dogs with very poor front angulation. If this trend is not watched now, in the future it will be very difficult to correct as our American cousins have found. On the plus side temperament throughout was excellent with very few signs of the nervousness I have seen in the past.

Veteran (10 entries, 0 abs): What a lovely class of golden oldies which required some very close decisions. I was literally ‘splitting hairs’ between the first 3.
1. Carter’s Canaleigh Hot Gospel JW. SH CM
Well balanced 8 year old moving accurately and with drive on neat feet. Pleasing head and expression and with a firm level topline. Just preferred his overall balance to 2.
2. Maynard’s Ch Chinnordale Rockhopper JW.
Beautifully presented dog with a pleasing head and expression, excellent reach of neck and very well angulated behind. Another sound mover.
3. Moloko Mtoto JW

Minor Puppy (4 entries,1abs): A very mixed class of babies at very different stages of development
1. Bennet’s Nativegold Little Bigman.A very ‘together’ 8 month old baby. with lots to like. He presented a lovely outline, was well made all through and moved well and with drive keeping his topline all the time. Just hope he grows on or he may struggle in adult competition.
2. Swatton’s Suntide PerryA much larger framed puppy who needs time to to develop his potential. Moves with real drive and control on very neat feet. Pleasing head and expression.
3. Keighley’s Thornywaite Flamboyant with Colbar.

Puppy (12 entries, 2 Abs):
1. Cooper’s Medodaine Augustah at Dikedaze.
Took my eye from the moment he came in the ring. Very mature puppy with good overall balance, in excellent coat, and moving accurately with control and drive. Very pleasing head and expression, firm level topline and good angulation. delighted to learn that this win completed his Junior Warrant. Best Puppy Dog and I shall watch his progress with interest.
2. Bell’s Hoaaloha Beat of My Heart.
Not as mature and finished as 1 at this stage as he has a slightly larger frame to fill but many of the same remarks apply. Lovely head and expression and a sound mover. I’m sure he will also have a very bright future.
3. Clark’s Trewater Clifford

Junior (13 entries, 1 abs): A disappointing class, lacking quality in depth
1. Wood’s Amirene Valentino
Lots to like about this young man who is still only a puppy though entered here as a first class. He needs time to fill his large frame but has all the essentials in the right paces and moves with drive and style which just gave him the edge over 2. Lovely head and expression, true cat feet strong topline and good reach of neck.
2. Hoaaloha Beat of My Heart.
3. Carter’s. Azteca Final Alliance

Yearling (13 entries, 2 Abs): a much stronger class all through. I really liked all of my placed dogs very much indeed.
1. Gulliver’s Tonara Yukon
What a joy to find this lovely young man who presented a truely balanced picture which he maintained on the move. Carried his tail straight of the end of his back and put all his feet in the right pace as he drove round the ring. Loved his head and melting expression, has good angulation fore and aft, a strong topline and I’m sure a very bright future. At the end of the day I was delighted to award him the Res CC against some very strong competition.
2. Andrew’s Catcombe Coconut JW
Another youngster I liked a lot, beautifully presented and handled to advantage. Good reach of neck and strong topline, sound driving movement. Would just have liked a little more length of leg to complete the picture. Lovely head and expression and really strong quarters.
3. Taylor’s Alibren Love Me Do at Tannadice

Tyro ( 16 entries, 6abs):
1. Medodaine Augustah at Dikedaze.
2. Hoaaloha Beat of My Heart.
3. Cuthill’s Mousseglen Masterclass

Debutant (17 entries, 7 abs)1.
1. Medodaine Augustah at Dikedaze.
2. Hoaaloha Beat of My Heart.
3. Shaw & Robertshaw’s Arkenscales Spring Star

Undergraduate (12 entries, 4 abs)
1. Lower’s Evenmint Apollo.
Mature dog with sound movement. Good depth of chest, well angulated fore and aft, good reach of neck and presenting a balanced picture overall.
2. Medodaine Augustah at Dikedaze.
3. Linfield’s Tonara Rio Grande JW

Graduate (6 entries, 1 Abs)
1. Barnes’ Saphiron Jokers Wild JW
Won this class on his very sound accurate movement. Well made overall, but at the lower end of the size range. Attractive head and expression.
2. Mitchell’s Tasheen Hamish JWLovely outline but not as accurate on the move as 1. very pleasing head and firm topline.
3. Lamancha in Search of Pye JW

Post Graduate ( 12 entries, 0 abs)
1. Neilson’s Stanroph Still on Top at Ponfeigh JW
2. Lovely overall balance on this mature boy, excellent topline, good feet,pleasing head and moved with drive and perfect tail carriage. In very close contention at the end of the day.
Simms' St Vincent Royal Mint JW.
Beautifully made dog and a sound mover, not the maturity of 1 and perhaps a shade longer cast. Lovely head and tight cat feet.
3. Taylor’s Rosinante Loverboy by Tannadice JW

Mid Limit (8 entries, 0 abs)
1. Vesly’s Kerrien Going for Gold
Mature dog, one of the very few blondes here today, who won this class on his sound driving movement.Strong masculine head and the neatest of feet, good topline and tail carriage in excellent coat and handled to advantage. Another who was in serious contention at the end of the day.
2. Neil’s Moloko Pure Dead Brilliant
I really liked this dog a lot and he pushed 1 very hard, just not quite as accurate on the move. Lovely forehand angulation and strong firm topline, cariied himself well. Very gentle expression on his pleasing head and neat feet.
3. Andrew’s Catcombe Challenger JW

Limit (9 entries, 1 Abs) A high quality class.
1. Swatton’s Suntide Willow
Won this class on his excellent movement over some very tough opposition. Neatest of feet, good strong level topline and well angulated fore and aft. Very kind gentle expression and short coupled deep body. Just preferred his head to 2. In the challenge just felt he lacked the sparkle of the CC winners.
2. Seamon’s Messano Urban Myth JW. SH CM Liked this boy a lot. An ‘old fashioned’ golden of quality who has many of the same attributes as 1 and I am sure is destined for top honours.
3. Bolton’s Stanroph Stormy Weather SH CM

Open (10, 2abs
1. Stevens & Hadden’s Sh Ch & Irish Ch Gunhills January Master JW. SH
My star of the day. A truely lovely blonde gentleman in sparkling form. Beautifully presented in full and glorious coat. The best mover in this extremely strong class, covered the ground effortlessly with drive and accuracy. Kind gentle head with strong pigmentation. Really cat like feet, excellent, strong, level topline with correct tail carriage and well balanced angulation. CC & with the complete agreement of my co-judge Best in Show
2. MacDonald’s Sh Ch & Irish Ch Flyngalee Northern Lights SH CM. JWA top quality dog who richly deserves all he has won. I liked him a lot. He moves well, but not with the effortless drive of 1 today. Very soundly made all through.
3. Hennessy’s Thornywait McShay at Ritzilyn

Good Citizen (4 entries, 0 abs)
1. Kirkman’s Amilone Star Performer by Tsarmont JW
Good outline with level topline Pretty head with excellent pigmentation. Neat feet.
2. Ewart’s Beaupippin Blackthorn
Nicely made blonde dog who lost out on movement to 1. Good head and expression.
3. Ewart’s Amirene Highlander at Beaupippin

Special Working (0 entries) What a shame!

Special Show Dog Working Dog (2 entries, 0 abs)
1. Tasheen Hamish JW
2. Wooden’s Salako Smooth OperatorPleasing head and expression and sound movement a little longer cast than 1. In very good coat and well handled.

Carol Gilbert ( Judge)