Deutschen Retriever Club

Gambach 2006

 Below are photographs of some of my winners. Sadly not all the photographs worked out so there are some dogs missing, notably the Veteran dog - Ch Trewater Goodwill Garfield, the Ehrenklasse Dog - Multi Champion Dream Max Golden Angels of Oberach and the second  & Res CAC in Open Dog -Yacacan vom Mohnfield.  I did rather better with the bitches!


Class equivalents are: Jungstenklasse - 6-9 months, Jungendklasse -9-18 months, Zwischenklasse - under 2 years, Offenklasse -  non champions over 18 months,  Ehrenklasse - Champions in more than one country, Championklasse - Champions, Gebrauchshundklasse - Working Class



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Best of Breed and Best in Show

Absolutely Generous vom Weisentalidyll

Best Dog and Best Bitch

Pretty Spencer-Boy Golden Angels of Oberach (dog) and Absolutely Generous vom Weisentalidyll (bitch)

Zampanzear Habana-Ron

SanishCH Lucky Man de Ria Vela x Zamapanzar Habana Cafe

1st in the Jungstenklasse Dogs

Unity Rocky Golden Angels of Oberach

Risedale Rajah by Stanroph x Ch Hayjoy Blue Riva Baby

1 & CAC Jungendklasse Dog

Utrillo Oligarchia

Dewmist Silk Symphony x Off Course of the Hellacious Acres

2 Jungendklasse Dog

Very Irresistable de Ria Vela

Dewmist Silkmarillion x Zampanzar Betty-Boop

1 & CAC Zwischenklasse Dog

Sky Magic Smokey Golden Angels of Oberach

Ch Keep Me Brandon Golden Angels of Oberach x Chilly Golden Angels of Oberach

2 & Res CAC Zwischenklasse Dog

Ch Cream Diego Golden Angels of Oberach


Ch Trewater Goodwill Garfield x Amber Bay Marquerithe

1 & CAC Championsklasse Dog

Faithful Heart Ayman

Kavanagh of Graceful Delight x Schlottes Bridget

2 & Res CAC Championsklasse Dog

Anwyl of Kelwood Castle

Arko vom Rheingauer Forst x Golden Shenandoah Blossom Kelsey

1 & CAC Gebrauchshundklasse dog

Pretty Spencer-Boy Golden Angels of Oberach


Trewater Goodwill Garfield x Passion Royal Casey Fan It Nej Begjin

1 & CAC offenklasse

Best Dog

Ultime Mistral Du Pays Sauvage

Gunmarsh Zachary x Pollen Du Pays Sauvage

3 Offenklasse Dog

Little Violet's Quiet and Lovely Romeo

Ch Wheatcroft Iced Diamond Trewater By Design

4 Offenklasse Dog

Irish Lassie's Beloved Barbie Rose

Royal Crest USA Direct x Futuri Evermore Beloved Daisy

1 & CAC Veteranklasse Bitch

Multi Champion Lavender's Generation Amazing Little Luzie

Westley Adam x Golden Daydream's Luzie Lavender

1 Eherenklasse

Lavender's Generation Glen Heaven Moonlight

Daily Rays Catch the Wind x Lavender's Generation Caramel Candy

1 Jungstenklasse Bitch

Lavender's Generation Glenmorangie Moonlight

Daily Rays Catch the Wind x Lavender's Generation Caramel Candy

2 Jungstenklasse Bitch

Stanwell Belle

Paudell Pure Passion x Marcella of the Hellacious Acres

3 Jungstenklasse Bitch

Branwyn Alkimoennis of Graceful Delight

Ultime Mistral Du Pays Sauvage x Tangerine Dream of Graceful Delight

4 Jungstenklasse Bitch

Vanity of Remy Martin Goldens

Amirene Sir Galahad x Valentie of Remy Martin Goldens

1 & CAC Jungendklasse Bitch

A Brand New Day of Adams Angels

Cheers Quayside x Timeless Golden Anny Mae

2 & Res CAC Jungendklasse Bitch

Ghiralli's Butterfly

Ritzilyn Bailey's Original x Just Like Peaches Stargleam

3 Jungendklasse Bitch

Whispering Reeds Dante

Chrisper Captain Corelli x Anika van 't Solveid

1 & CAC Zwischenklasse Bitch

Sky Music Golden Angels of Oberach

Ch Keep Me Brandon Golden Angels of Oberach x Chilly Golden Angels of Oberach

2 & Res CAC Zwischenklasse Bitch

Valence Rose of Remy Martin Goldens

Chairoezan's Sir-Mercury's Boy x Mossburn Cara Mel

3 Zwischenklasse Bitch

Golden Message Candy

Chrisper Captain Corelli x Golden Message Amelie

4 Zwischenklasse Bitch

A Magic Moment of Toboggan Run

Royal Commander Du Pays De Boheme x Akira of Chestnut Tree

1 & CAC Gebrauchshundklasse Bitch

Think Twice of Graceful Delight

Ch Lorinford Harlequin x Ch Kerrin of Graceful Delight

2 & Res CAC Gebrauchshundklasse Bitch

Absolutely Generous vom Weisentalidyll

Xanthos Gryffindor x Ganwales All About Anjuly

1 & CAC Offenklasse Bitch

Best Bitch

Best of Breed

Best in Show

Chartley Beyond Mas Alla

Jakralee Serge x Chartley Aziza Zadeh

2 & Res CAC Offenklasse Bitch

Timeless Golden Anny Mae

Sunbeam Gentle DJ Evening Star x Remington Romantic Amy

3 Offenklasse Bitch

Lilly vom Brandl Weiher

Trewater Goodwill Garfield x Moorfield Morning Best of Breed

4 Offenklasse Bitch

Best Opposite Sex & Best of Breed